Talkbank Schema version 1.1.2

Notation and color conventions of this schema representation:
a choice: [x y z] ; a sequence: (x y z) ; (* x,y) is the same as the dtd-like notation (x,y)*
Colours used: {type declarations}; element names attribute names ; restriction/extension facets; {links to type definitions}; comments;
an extension of a type is {<<type>>} ; and a restriction to it : {>>type<<}

The current version defines two types of documents: the global elements below... The global types are available for reusing through schema type extension/restriction. The most up to date document definition is CHAT, it is also the richest in structure. Ideally, each group should develop a schema module defining the structure of their specific (class of) annotations, this schema should be an assembly of their definitions.

Developed by Romeo Anghelache, from the CHAT specifications, released under the GNU Public License, 2001

Imported schemata:

Global Elements in main module

Global Types in main module

Useful groups in main module

Schema viewer developed by Romeo Anghelache, copyleft GNU GPL, 2001, version 1.01