Free software proxy/cache server SquidNT 2.3 beta for Windows 2000 & NT4 (14 Dec 2000)

(native WIN32 port of Squid 2.3stable4, derived from the Harvest project)

binaries for Windows 2000 & NT4(cache manager included) (350 K)

sources modified for Windows 2000 & NT4 (1139 K)
The results of the rest of the (original) cmdline switches are undeterminate (for this version).

No warranty whatever. Use at your own risk. No time for support, that is, don't bug me with questions about configuration, there are some mailing lists for that, thanks. License: GPL.

This is my initial port to Windows NT, but it's old now; updated Windows versions are currently available from Guido Serassio

(Romeo Anghelache, 2002-06-09)